Profession FAQ


The following are answers to some frequently asked questions received by the Department of Safety and Professional Services. These questions and answers are general in nature and are provided as a public service. Licensees and applicants with specific questions should refer to the Wisconsin statutes and administrative code provisions which govern their profession. In any instance in which an answer may differ from the provisions of the statutes and administrative code provisions, the latter will govern.

May a CPA firm be owned by a person who is not a CPA?

Ch Accy 1.408(2) , Wisc Admin Code states that an applicant for a license as a certified public accounting firm shall demonstrate that more than 50% of the ownership interest of the firm is held by individuals who hold certificates or licenses to practice as certified public accountants issued under the laws of any state or foreign nation. Ch Accy 1.408(3) states that a firm applying for licensure meets the ownership requirements if: