Wisconsin Statewide Data

Wisconsin DNR
Wisconsin DOA

This CD contains various statewide shapefiles and georeferenced images along with associated metadata.  To help you begin to use this data an ArcView project file (WLIA2001.apr) has been provided.  This project will allow you to view the included data directly from the CD, or after copying the data to your computer.  Just make sure that the project file is in the same directory as the data files. 
ArcView legend files (.avl) are also provided to help you view the data in your own ArcView projects.  Also included is an ArcInfo 8 "map document" for use in ArcMap (WLIA2001.mxd).  This map document will also work with ArcView 8.1 (to be released soon).

For ease of use, all files are contained in a single directory: \Wisconsin.  All data are stored in WTM83/91.  For more information on Wisconsin coordinate systems see  Wisconsin Coordinate Systems.

The User Guide has basic descriptive information for all the layers.  The user guide also available on the CD as a Microsoft Word document, and as a text file.   Some files have more extensive metadata.  For these datasets, an ArcView extension (metascan.avx) is included to allow you to easily view the metadata for those layers within ArcView.  To use the extension, copy metascan.avx into your ..\ArcView\Ext32 directory.  Then, with the ArcView project open, load the MetaScan extension.  A new button will appear in ArcView's View document button bar.  Touch the button (when a theme is active) to view its metadata.  The Metascan extension will read any HTML (.html or .htm) or text (.txt or .met) documents with the same root name as a theme's data source. 

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