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Commerce GIS resources can be accessed through Internet mapping services or through Internet data services.

Internet Mapping Services

We have recently deployed WISCOMP, the WISconsin Commerce Online Mapping Project. WISCOMP evolved from the development of the Brownfields Location Information System (BLIS). Click here for information on WISCOMP. The concept behind WISCOMP is to provide a framework to allow for faster deployment of Commerce Internet mapping applications. WISCOMP uses the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI®) Arc Internet Map Server (ArcIMS®) Internet mapping technology. Click here to learn more about ArcIMS.

Commerce is also working on Internet mapping services utilizing GeoTools, a Java based Internet mapping toolkit. GeoTools applications are based on Java Applet technology. Click here for information on Commerce GeoTools.

Internet Data Services

As part of Commerce GIS efforts, the department will provide access to GIS data sets and ArcIMS data services as they become available. These data sets and data services can be used with ESRI's ArcGIS desktop GIS software, ESRI's Java based ArcExplorer 3 desktop data viewer or other GIS software or applications that use ESRI's Shapefile format for GIS data. Click here to learn more about ArcGIS, and click here to learn more about ArcExplorer. Click here for a listing of available Commerce GIS data sets and ArcIMS data services.

Other GIS services

Commerce will also make efforts to share resources that can assist others in implementing GIS technologies. Below is a listing of available resources:

DRAFT Minimal Apache-Tomcat Implementation for ArcIMS. This document describes the process used by Commerce for configuring the Apache web server and Tomcat servlet engine for use with ArcIMS on Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000.

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