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WISCOMP WISconsin Commerce Online Mapping Project

We have recently begun WISCOMP, the WISconsin Commerce Online Mapping Project. WISCOMP evolved from the development of the ArcIMS based Brownfields Location Information System (BLIS). The concept behind the ArcIMS based WISCOMP is to provide a framework to allow for faster deployment of Internet mapping applications in the department.

WISCOMP and BLIS are based on the Environmental Systems Research Institute Arc Internet Mapping Server (ArcIMS). Click here to learn more about ArcIMS. The WISCOMP and BLIS applications are derived from the ArcIMS HTML viewer.

With the WISCOMP framework Internet Mapping Service deployment should be made faster. The framework will give all Commerce Internet mapping applications a similar look and feel, which will be important for public users of the Commerce Internet site. Users will be able to seamlessly switch from one Commerce Internet mapping application to another without the need to relearn how the mapping application functions.

Each individual Internet mapping application built from the WISCOMP framework will add its own unique data sets and maps, and interactive tools. The following links demonstrate Internet mapping applications built from the WISCOMP framework. Click on a link below to go to the Internet mapping application. It is recommended that you read through the instructions for each application.

Click here to go to start BLIS - Brownfields Location Information System Demo
Click here to go to start BLIS - Brownfields Location Information System Demo

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This document was last revised: September 25, 2001
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