These are additional instructions for using the Query Action. Follow the images below.

Choose "Query" in the Action drop down list and press the "Perform Action" button to open the Query Function Window:
First, choose the field you wish to query.
Next, click on the 'Get Samples' text box:
Choose an operator and a sample value. The operator can be = (equal), < (less than), > (greater than), <= (less than The sample value is a list of possible values derived from the database:
Then click the 'Add Query to String' text box:
The field, operator and value are added to the string:
You may add multiple queries to one string by using 'And,' 'Or' or 'Not':
By choosing an additional field, operator and value, you can do advanced searches to find what you are looking for:
Finally, click on the 'Execute' text box and the query will be sent:
The results of your query will be highlighted on the map and displayed in a window with an option to Zoom to these records.
Clicking 'Zoom to these records' will zoom the map for easy viewing of your search results.

This document was last revised: 6 December 2002
Wisconsin Department of Commerce