PECFA Test Application

The following application is in testing and should not be considered a production application. The application is being developed to assist parties submit WTM91 information as part of the package required by NR xxxx for closed contaminated sites that will go into the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources GIS Registry. The application allows users to identify a point on a base map that approximates the location of a closed contaminated site, and using an add site tool, users can add the site as a point on a map and retrieve the WTM91 coordinates for the point/site.

Click here for instructions on the use of the PECFA WTM91 Coordinate Test Application.

Because this is a test application, Commerce does not guarantee the accuracy of the WTM91 coordinates retrieved from the application. Any comments or questions regarding this application can be directed to Gary Schultz at 608-266-1283 or via email at

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This document was last revised: November 5, 2001
Wisconsin Department of Commerce
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