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GIS Data

Commerce GIS utilizes base data provided by local, state and federal agencies, and data created by Commerce staff to perform business functions.

Base Data and Maps

For Internet mapping Commerce will utilize GIS base data and maps from two primary sources, the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA), Office of Land Information Systems (OLIS) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Refer to the following for information on the DOA and DNR data and map sources: Click here for a description of the OLIS information. Click here for information on the DNR GIS data. Follow the links on DNR GIS availability, specifically refer to the section on the DNR’s geographic data layer overview.

Data and maps used by Commerce for Internet Mapping are provided by the DOA and DNR in the coordinate system WTM83/91. Click here for information on WTM 83/91. Many GIS data sources exist that do not use this coordinate system. While it may be possible to project data from another coordinate system to WTM 83/91, there are legal and technical constraints that limits the ability to use other data sources with the WTM 83/91 base data and maps.

Commerce GIS Data

It is anticipated that department staff will create geographic data and map sets to help perform Commerce business functions. As Commerce GIS data sets are produced, these will be made available as downloads or as ArcIMS data services for use in desktop ArcGIS, Arc Explorer 3, and other ArcIMS Internet map services.

Commerce GIS data sets and ArcIMS data services:

ArcIMS data services will become available after January 1, 2002.

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