BLIS Query Instruction Page

These are additional instructions for using the Query Action. Follow the images below:

Choose "Query" in the Action drop down list and press the "Perform Action" button to open the Query Function Window:

First, choose the field you wish to query.

Next, click on the 'Get Samples' text box:

Choose an operator and a sample value. The operator can be = (equal), < (less than), > (greater than), <= (less than or equal to) or >= (greater than or equal to). The sample value is a list of possible values derived from the database:

Then click the 'Add Query to String' text box:

The field, operator and value are added to the string:

You may add multiple queries to one string by using 'And,' 'Or' or 'Not':

By choosing an additional field, operator and value, you can do advanced searches to find what you are looking for:

Finally, click on the 'Execute' text box and the query will be sent:

The results of your query will be highlighted on the map and displayed in a window with an option to Zoom to these records.

Clicking 'Zoom to these records' will zoom the map for easy viewing of your search results.

This document was last revised: 5 November 2001
Wisconsin Department of Commerce